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Perfume Rollers

For all of those who have made comments about bathing in the scent of the candles, or wishing they could have the fragrance away from home, we've listened!

Introducing the best-selling candles- in a perfume roller form! Created with the same organic, aromatherapy essential oil blends as the candles but with a CBD-rich hemp oil carrier.

The perfumes come in several scents, read below for a description as well as the oil properties:


Seasonal Favorites:

Andes- A deliciously chilly, refreshing blend including main notes of peppermint and eucalyptus. This invigorating blend is actually infused with magnesium and perfect for instant relief of headaches/migranes.

Forest- This blend is absolutely incredible. We've found a way to bottle the essence of walking through a Christmas tree farm on a chilly night, while watching the sun set through the trees, holding the hand of the one you love, in your favorite flannel. Notes of fir, cedar, pine, and a hint of citrus. Stimulates blood flow, decreases swelling and joint aches

Bergamot Woods- This delicious scent screams "fall nights" with high notes of bergamot and cedar. There are cedar shavings in the oil, too, so over time more cedar will be released! This is a woodsy citrus scent that is absolutely divine for summer nights. Uplifting, cleansing, improves focus.

Classic Fragrances:
Smudge- This is exactly like lighting one of my wildflower smudge sticks, but in a candle. It’s a really beautiful earthy, herbal scent featuring notes of sage, lavender, and cedar. This would be the perfect way to take some good, clean energy with you wherever you travel, as the oils have the same antibacterial, cleansing properties as the traditional smudge stick. 

Dream- Sweet dreams are made of these..."these" being lavender and roman chamomile. This beautifully-crafted, classic fragrance will have you unwinding and ready for a sweet slumber. Perfect for rolling on any time you're feeling anxious, overstimulated, or restless.

Blossom- The juicy scoop on this delicious fragrance is that it was inspired by the scent of my hometown in the spring. Blossom is one of the juiciest, dreamiest scents absolutely perfect for everyday wear in the spring and summer months! Stimulates release of serotonin, resulting in uplifting, cheery moods.

Ginger Tea- Intoxicating blend of ginger, lemon, and herbs, this fragrance is very light, uplifting, and herbal. Absolutely reminiscent of a sunny summer day spent pool or beachside with an icy lemon ginger tea in hand. This is one of the more herbal/earthy scents, but this perfectly-blended fragrance lingers just the right amount! Combats nausea, stomach trouble, and is an antibacterial. 

Bondi Sunset- Inspired by Bondi Beach in Australia, this is a fresh, fruity, floral, romantic, and tropical scent. This one's got it all- and it's not afraid to let it show! If you're looking for an island getaway from the flick of your wrist, you've found it in Bondi Sunset! Anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-stress

Fairy Garden- One dewey morning, I ran into a fairy lounging on a mushroom in my garden. I asked where her favorite garden was, so she took me to an area with all of the best flowers. I never wanted to forget the smell, so I bottled it for you! Magical, light, floral, and delicious. You'll feel like you're walking through the garden with me. Stimulates release of serotonin, improves focus, calming, uplifting.

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