Wildflower Smudge Stick

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Sage smudge sticks have been used for centuries in rituals to purify, cleanse, and dispel negative energy. They have been shown to clear the air of bacteria, as well as release negative ions, which may help promote a positive mood.

Each smudge stick contains garden-grown white sage, lavender, sweetgrass, and a variety of other wildflowers. All ingredients are sustainably harvested, picked at their peak state and preserved for your enjoyment. From there, they are hand-wrapped by myself using 100% cotton thread.

To use: Open windows to allow excess smoke and negative energy to escape. Light sage and gently blow out flames, letting the material continue to smolder. Use the smoke to cleanse the air in your desired space. I recommend using with an abalone shell to catch ashes. When ready, extinguish in a bowl of sand or water. Ashes are traditionally disposed of by respectfully returning to the earth. Please always make sure ashes are completely extinguished before burying or leaving on the earth. Sticks may be re-lit as desired.

*For external use only. Herbs are intended for incense purposes only.

*Never leave burning sage stick alone or unattended. Always burn sage stick using a heat resistant dish or abalone shell. Keep away from anything flammable, keep away from children and pets and always make sure to have your windows open for excess smoke and negativity to escape.

*Please note that designs may slightly vary as each bundle is completely handcrafted by me using seasonally-available flowers.

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